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Re: Chronic Red Burning Scrotum Thread 11

Well, I saw my family doctor today. Man this guy is a gem. Great listener, really on top of his game. It's almost like he had RSS himself at one point because before I could say anything he was telling me to hit it with skin moisturizers.

Anyway, I told him that the one thing many of us had in common was having gone through a very stressful period in our lives right before the the symptoms first appearred. I also mentioned that amitryptilene has been know to cure RSS. Long story short, he wants me to continue the "no soap" regimen, and he is also putting me on low dose doxepin. It is in the amitryptilene family, and is a seratonin re-uptake inhibitor (like amitryptilene). One of the secondary effects of the drug is that it is also an excellent antihistamine for the skin, and a sleep aid (two things I need).

So I'll let you guys know if this works or not. I figure 30-60 days before I know for sure. I'm pretty excited about this......this guy is the first doctor I've had that didn't try to throw a tube of cortisone cream my way, or tell me it was all in my head.

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