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Wife selfish in bed

Let me start by saying me and my wife are very much in love, have been married for many years and have kids and a great life. Trouble is, though we have a good sex life as we appear to be a good fit (so to speak) in the years and years of our relationship I cannot think of a single occasion where she has initiated sex. Not once has she given me oral without me having to ask (and she doesn't mind this act and is very good at it). It's just like all she cares about is her pleasure. Because i know her body I can make her orgasm easily - often 2-3 times, sometimes 4, 5 or six times, especially by hand. Then having had so much fun (and I must admit for me the large part of sex is hearing her orgasm which I love) she then does the quickest thing she can think of - and often the least imaginative to quickly bring me off. She seems to care little whether I get much out of the experience. It's not like we haven't done stuff out of the ordinary but again it's always me who has to make it happen and quite frankly it makes me feel like some creep pressuring her into stuff (even though she gets off on it). The fact that she's so good in bed still means I enjoy making love to her and we both fancy each other like mad but I just wish she'd be pro-active sometimes rather than me always feeling like I have to beg her for sex. Never ever in our whole married life being given a blow job without asking her for it? Even when I go down on her I have to initiate it. Am I just being a winey miserable guy or is this normal. All my mates talk about how their wives treat them to exotic acts on their birthday (I won't go into details) and yet I know her waking me with a blowjob is something that's just not going to happen.

Sad things is we've talked this over a hundred times. We are generally very, very happy together but I've said - just trying to be honest - that despite being beautiful and great in bed, she can be a very selfish lover. She usually just gets agressive and says "okay you've made your point," and then nothing changes for the next year, and the next. Sorry for droning on. Just seems we have a good physical relationship that could be outstanding if only she put some effort in, and like I say I spend far more time pleasuring her than the other way around.

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