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Originally Posted by hathada View Post
Not to offend you or anyone, but my personal belief about the Bible is that it can be very powerful but not necessarily helpful. If you would like to become manic and get overly euphoric about the existence of heaven on earth, then by all means, read every last word of the New Testament. But, the way I see it, that book, when used properly, is just a really good way to get high on mania. You get to feel like everything is one and that your faith can change the clouds in the sky. But euphoria doesn't last forever, and the withdrawals can be devastating.

Anyhow, here's a better approach to treating schizophrenia without meds. In your heart are your emotions and thoughts. If you don't let your emotions and thoughts out, you will develop stress. Stress will drive you nuts. So, the thing to do is open your heart and let out your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, and your repressed memories. If you mentally focus on opening your heart, not only will you release the "pressure" of all these mental things, you will really be increasing blood flow to every part of your body, while also releasing very useful "particles" which are crucial to the stable functioning of the body.
The "euphoria" does last forever. I am a believer and knowing that God is with me through anythings that I am going through helps me emmensely. Through prayer and meditation on the Bible, I receive great insights to life and the direction to achieve my very best. I suffer from schizophrenia and currently stabilized on meds. Without God, my life would be purposeless and meaningless. With God, I have great powers to face anything. It is truly wonderful and grounding to have God/Jesus in my life.
I wish I can say that the cause of schizophrenia is simply stress but I think it is not. For me schizophrenia started when my life was not stressful. My life was going pretty well at the time.

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