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Re: is this sign of autism

Originally Posted by secretsleep17 View Post
Mira, what would lead you to believe this was NOT autism? She said her son does not respond to his name, walks on his toes, and flaps his hands. That's not typical for a normal child, so what do you think it is? That's completely textbook for a kid with autism, so is there a reason you think it's not autism? Sounds like autism to me.

I'm not saying that there isn't a possibility that something else is going on, but certainly, the first and obvious guess would be autism. I don't know why someone would say it doesn't seem to be autism. What was described was textbook. Like if you were going to write a story about an autistic child, he'd certainly toe walk, hand flap, and ignore his own name. That's what autistic children do, and what neurotypical kids don't do.

i think that you are being 100% truthful and helpful you come across like you only want her to jsut take the steps just incase. It never hurts to get help when you fear for your child, they are the most inportant people in life i like that your saying how it is...i am so scared to talk to my doctor friday because i as well fear that my daughter maybe showing signs as well, she does turn and look when i call her name but often ignores after that, She always opens closes doors she swings her arms randomly and now she will just sit on the floor and swing her head side to side, Im so scared that if she is i wont know what to do i am trying to be strong about it because she is just so beautiful and i want to do anything i can for her, i dont have much support around and the fear of her possibly being autistic scares the living you know out of me.... i like hearing your honesty and not the sugar coated stories it will be ok type thing thats what i need to hear right now.......

as for the girl who orignally posted hun i am going through the excat same thing and i wish you nothing but the best possible out come and i love to keep in touch to see how each others journeys go... i think everyone needs support and im hear to tell you everything that happens with my daghter to..

sincerly stephanie