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Re: Weird period, Bacterial Vaginosis

Originally Posted by sockpuppet View Post

Not sure if this stuff matters, but I'm 21. I started my period at 12 and it has been regular for the most part. I'm not on any birth control and never have been. Sexually active since I was 15. A normal period for me consists of mild cramping the day before, pretty bad cramping the first day I bleed, heavy flow with a few small clots on the first 2-3 days, and lasts 5 days usually. I suspect I have PCOS but have not been diagnosed.

Weird period-
So I got my period in September. I'm not sure when exactly it came in September but I think it was in the second or third week. October came and went - no period. I got it again on Saturday. I woke up with a small amount of brown blood on the tip of a tampon I had in (I will explain that in a bit) then had mild cramping (not as bad as usual) and had actual blood around noon that same day. Well, it was unusually clotty. They were quite small still, just a lot of them. I was kinda worried about that but let it go until I realized last night that the blood looks significantly thinner than what is normal for me. I Googled and saw a few people saying that it sounded like "pregnancy bleeds". I took a pregnancy test the day I got my period and it was negative. I put on a pad for bed. Normally when I do this at the beginning of a period, I wake up almost leaking. Yesterday morning, I woke up and there was a tiny amount of blood. I went to school then came home at around 1pm. When I got home, I felt blood gush out, but there is still a very small amount on the pad. It seems to have stopped.This is just so weird for me... Started around noon on Saturday, then had two "normal"(ish) days, yesterday with hardly any blood, then none so far today. I would think that since it skipped last month, this month would be far worse than normal: worse cramps, heavier bleeding.

Maybe 2-3 months ago I noticed a kinda fishy smell and thin, grayish discharge.

I know someone who had this and found out they had a protazoal infection which seemed to clear with antibiotics but then periods became worse with time. A health professional could be consulted for diagnosis. Antibiotics can cause a candida infection I would be sure to avoid sweets.

Someone in a different community told me that if I stopped washing with soap and just use water, the smell would go away. I did that and it worked for less than a week, then it came back. The smell mostly went away after showers, but not completely, and within a few hours, it smelled horrible. I dealt with it until about a week or two ago then posted about it again in the same community. Someone said it sounded like BV. I am prone to yeast infections, so I researched and decided to try the natural route to clearing this thing up as opposed to antibiotics. I put plain yogurt in my vagina

yes I know someone who read something like that also and the blood appeared after a yogurt in water douche a few times. I just happen to think the yogurt approach is probably not that great of an idea.

and put a tampon in to hold it in and did that for maybe 5-6 days and only stopped because I got my period (that's what I was talking about up there when I said I found brown blood on the tampon I already had in). I've also been taking folic acid, Azo yeast

I have never heard of this type of yeast but I read that usually with yeast problems more yeast aggravates things. For some even the molds in citric acid and in things like bread or brewers yeast.

, vitamin C, I read that this may increase clotting time.

and cranberry pills since I started doing the yogurt. I have also been douching once a day with hydrogen peroxide

I read that hydrogen peroxide can destroy red blood cells. One woman used an ordinary warm water douche in between period once a day or so.

(I have not been mixing it with water). I've been doing that since a little before I got my period, so a little less time than the yogurt and pills - about 5 days now. The first couple days, the peroxide just ran straight out, but when I got my period and did it, it foamed A LOT. But it didn't foam at all when I did it this morning.

Foam is said to indicate the presence of organic material. They claim that once it stops any present infection is gone but if it has not and you stop it can also cause any live organisms to bounce back in a stronger way particularly if they are fed with sugar you eat. A culture might be a great idea from a highly qualified Gynecologist.

Could that be because I haven't bled much since yesterday? I noticed that the smell has gone away... With the yogurt, the smell went away unless I went too long without putting more yogurt in. I haven't noticed a smell at all since I started the peroxide douche. Right now I can only smell period blood. Does it sound like it's going away? If you are still having pain...ummm.


And what do I do to fix it?

Well there are no gaurantees but if you want to visit the following site to look at the sjb post you might find some helpful tips. treosis

- Could either or both be stress-related? I have been extremely stressed out lately because of school, my living situation, and money, plus throwing these vagina issues into the mix doesn't help anything!
- Could the BV cause my period to do this?
- Are there any other natural ways I can treat BV that have worked for you?
- Should I keep douching with peroxide? What about the yogurt - should I continue once my period completely goes away? How long should I do the peroxide?
- Should I be avoiding sex? Well at least until a professional clears you maybe in my opinion you should.
- Anything else I should know? An ultrasound might help a person check for cysts on the ovary if they are lucky enough to get a cooperative Gynecologist like some women have gotten.

I am freaking out pretty bad about this stuff and haven't
been able to get it off my mind, so if any of you all could help me out here, I would really really appreciate it! Thanks!

I would like to hear back from you to find out how you do if you want. Hope this helps have a nice day!