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Re: Wife selfish in bed

From a woman's perspective, let me ask you this... have you ever pleasured her and not gotten any yourself? I ask because it seems there is a double standard when it comes to sex with men and women. Men except to be pleasured and then not have to return anything, but how often do women get pleasured without returning the favor?

From the other point of view, I have and do pleasure my boyfriend with oral sex or my hand out of the blue without expecting anything in return. However, there have been times where I've gotten a bit resentful over it because he will ask or expect me to do it, and I'm left there thinking "wait a minute, how many times have you gotten me off and then just it at that?!?". The answer to that is zero. I'd say 90% of the time, if I'm going to get him off, I will want it for myself as well. I don't look at that selfish. Getting him off really puts me in the mood, so why would I not want that for myself as well either before or after him?

Although I do think it's a little odd that your wife has NEVER done it for just you, but I wouldn't really call it selfish... maybe look at it from the other perspective and think about how often you'd like to get her off and then just leave it at that... I'm guessing not very often. I know I'm coming off as though I'm saying she shouldn't or shouldn't have to pleasure you, because I think it is something nice to do from time to time, and it can be fun, but I just want you to look at things from another perspective.