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Re: Chronic Red Burning Scrotum Thread 11

Originally Posted by WildNorth View Post
Starting a new thread on RSS. For additional information please see threads on "Chronic Red Burning Scrotum 1-10" elsewhere on this forum. Many of these threads can be viewed from the "Similar Threads" window below. 12,554 views from the last thread alone. You can't tell me this isn't becoming a widespread problem.

I'm going to start this thread with a question:

How many of you are having other skin problems, either before or after your RSS appearred?

About 4 months after my sack first went red the back of my thighs got sensitive. That wasn't too bad, but now I am breaking out in a very light rash all over both my torso and back (one of the reasons I am looking into detergent allergies). I've heard other posters up here mention skin issues. I'm just curious if those of us with skin issues are in the minority, or if everyone with RSS suffers from them?
For sure.
1) Plenty of other skin problems. Dry spots, itchiness...seems like I'm developping food allergies
2) Stress was definitely at a peak when it broke out.