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Re: Palmar Erythema and Liver Symptom Sequence

Well im still alive but feel pretty rotten most days - feeling nauseous more this week and last week. Palms still red aswell. When I lean on them they go shiny aswell where the redness is - almost wet looking and smooth.

6 months of no booze coming up on the 15th this month - but I had hoped to feel a bit better by now.

No docs - I dont need one yet - lets face it theres nothing they can do other than put me on a transplant list. And I think in all honesty my meld wouldnt be high enough.

People ask me why I dont go and see the doctor. Theres lots of reasons - but when people say I should go to see a doctor because there may be nothing to worry about and it may just be something else - then I know its nothing else. Its cirrhosis.

You see I know enough about medical topics to diagnose this - whilst I cannot get to the bottom of my blood results and what they would be - I dont need to. Its like this - If I allow a car to run over my leg - and it breaks - I dont need a doctor - I have enough knowledge to know that what I have done - and what I can feel - and what I can see all adds up to a broken leg.

It is the same with cirrhosis in many respects - what I have done (drink 50,000 units of alcohol in ten years) - what I can feel (nauseous, tired all the time) - what I can see (palmar erythema, spiders, yellowish eyes) adds up to cirrhosis - blood work would simply be added to the list of things I can see.

I cant believe im here - what a mess.

Whats good for the diet then? I like salt and I eat it because I dont have ascites yet. Whats so bad about red meat though - beef in particular?
Should I go on a veggie diet maybe?

I am just trying to delay the onset of decompensation once that happens Ill go to the doctors and see if I can get a transplant.