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Re: 2mm Brain Aneurysm Causing Symptoms?

Hi! I'm sorry that you are experiencing dizziness etc. Honestly, I don't know if my 2mm aneurysm caused any of my symptoms - after about 5-6 months of these symptoms they seemed to gradually disappear, except for the occasional occurrence, especially when I'm tired or have been overexerting myself. All the doctors I saw said it was too small and not in the right location to be causing my symptoms, and they didn't even know if the aneurysm was there or not. I had another MRI recently, to follow up on the situation, and see if something can explain my symptoms that didn't originally show up in the scans, but I haven't gotten the results yet. And in about 9 months I've got a follow up scan to check if the aneurysm has grown. My advice right now is to try to relax and keep your mind off of it. Anxiety only makes the symptoms worse...and do what you have to do to get a restful nights sleep. I wasn't sleeping well at the time, which really contributed...I started taking Ambien, and it's helped a lot to get me to sleep quickly, and aside from waking up to go to the bathroom once a night, usually keeps me asleep for a good chunk of time. Lately, I haven't really needed it anymore either -- I haven't taken it in about 2 weeks, and I've been sleeping fine. Just a few days ago, I started feeling imbalanced again, incoordinated - I think it's because I've been working really long hours on the computer, and I've got a bit of a cold at the moment. I hope it'll pass. I'm going to see the doctor this week about my most recent MRI. Hopefully all goes well. Hope this helps.