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Re: Laxative abuse recovery..?


I just want to say congrats on deciding to quit! Cutting down to a few is great progress. There is some great advise here:

I just wanted to add that 3 weeks ago, I had a minor relapse and took 2 laxatives. The next morning, I passed out and fell hard on my right side. When I woke up, I had a deep cut on my chin that required 7 stitches.

It was a real low point having to explain to my doctor what had happened. He said, I was dehydrated and have low blood pressure. Anyways, he gave me a prescription for Miralax and I have cut down on all laxative use.

I am now unable to take them without passing out because I abused them for years. I have already lost so much because I abused them. When I use to take them my biggest fear was passing out or dying and then having my family find me. I was so close 3 weeks ago but I have been given another chance.

You future plans sound so great, please don't wait to quit them.

Oh, and your question about how long:
My doctor prescribed the Miralax for everyday use and I have a check-up next month. So, I don't know how long the whole process is going to take this time.