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Re: Black spot under both my toenails?

Hello - Please let me know what you found out! I have the same EXACT thing going on under both big toe nails just as you described. I saw my podiatrist today and he wants me to go to a dermatologist. Please help me and let me know what your experience was? I hope all is well - Thank you!

Originally Posted by 1legend View Post
Hello I'm a 18 year old female. I'm pretty healthy although a bit on the skinny side. My grandma (on my mom's side) has diabetes. My grandpa on my dad's side has grey toenails and even some on his fingernails. Maybe it's Onychomycosis? I just finished my first year at college and I had to wear flip flops every time I shower. My roommate's feet really stink sometimes and she & I both walk barefoot on our dorm carpet. I'm just reporting all the facts I feel might be relevant.

A few months ago (3-6 months), I noticed a black spot under my left big toenail.It's on the left bottom side of the toenail. It's a bit of a faded black/greyish color and it's round. not circular round. more long. My other toenails were all fine.

I painted my toenails black to cover it as I thought it might have because I stubbed my nail.

Today, I removed the nail polish and noticed that the black spot is still in the same place (bottom left) as if it didn't move up when my toenail grew.

What's worse is that my right big toenail also has a black longish round spot under it. It's more black (like dark sharpie black) than the one on my left toenail. The longish round spot on my right big toenail is in the middle of the right side of the toenail. A few weeks, my right big toenail hurts when I walk (i was wearing closed toe flats).

What could it be? My doctor appointment is two weeks from now and I'm really worried. Thanks