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Re: Laxative abuse recovery..?

Hi Aileb,

Thank you HEAPS for the reply! I've never talked about this to anyone, and it means sooooo much to know I'm not going through this alone
I haven't had any drugs (that's definitely what they feel like!) since Saturday night... the longest I've gone without them in over a year and a half ~ so I'm a bit freaked out but also kind of hopeful that I can beat this addiction! It's been pretty tough so far though (mentally and physically) and I know there's still a long way to go, but I'm trying to stay positive... and I want you to know that your words have helped a lot already so thank you!!!

Wow, sorry to hear about your relapse... it's amazing the effect these little pills can have on our lives, hey? I guess it never really hit me the damage I've been doing to my body. You know the funny thing? It was only the possibility of getting a horse that finally prompted me to quit... but since the start of this year, my grandpa has been living with my family, because he's very sick with, guess what..... bowel cancer. So one of the potential future effects of my addiction has been staring me in the face for almost a year now, but I've somehow (stupidly) managed to ignore it!

Anyway, thanks again so much for the support and for sharing some of your story with me... I truly wish you all the very best in your recovery and hope that you can live life to the fullest