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Re: Weird period, Bacterial Vaginosis

Hi sockpuppet sorry you are having a hard time.Bv can be very frustrating for some people.
I think the natural approach is the better idea because I have heard doctors don't know much about BV or what causes it.Their only treatments are antibiotics which wipe out your good bacteria as well as the bad leaving you open for reinfection.
So trying to increase the good bacteria with yogert and/or hydrogen peroxide with or without antibiotics from a doctor can help.

I have had one yeast infection my whole life and didn't even know what BV was until a few months ago.

My husband and I used baby oil as a lube one day during sex.The next day I noticed a terrible fishy odor that I have never experienced before.I was totally embarrassed and washed extra with scented soap.That made it worse,as you can imagine.Scented soaps are to be avoided completely.
So I went online and did some research.I discovered baby oil can harbor all kinds of bacteria,especially the bad kinds that cause a foul smell in the vagina!
I had accidentally given myself BV...

Right away I switched to unscented dove soap down there (just water is not enough for me) or summer's eve feminine wash which is very gentle (not the douche,the daily shower cleanser used for specifically for the vagina)
That alone seemed to help quite a bit.

Here is my opinion on the Hydrogen peroxide douche and the yogert...Both worked well,but I felt like it took a few days of them to clear out completely before I noticed a change in smell.On their own neither smells all too great,wouldn't you agree? So if any is left up there it may not be pleasant.
The thing that cleared me up though was something called
RepHresh vaginal gel.It says it re balances the bacteria flora of the vagina which if off can cause odor.
For me that was the magic touch.Three days after and I had no discharge and no odor.

Give it a try and if it still does not help then perhaps you may really need an antibiotic from your doctor.

Also,you may try eating yogurt daily or taking an Acidiophillis supplement

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