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Re: Calcium choice ?

Hi Empeyan:

I read it was calcium aspartate anhydrous. But, I suggest you do some searching on the net or go to a health food/vitamin store or if you have access to a nutritionist, ask them. I chose a product called Ezorb (which is calcuim aspartate anhydrous) because someone on this site recommended it and said it improved her bone loss. That person goes by the name of Jacal. I don't see any new posts from Jacal though. Anyway, this is supposed to be a good calcium product because it is supposed to get absorbed in the small intestine and not the stomach. And supposedly you don't need Vitamin D along with it because of how it gets absorbed. It comes in a powder form and I mix it with orange juice or yogurt. The dosage is according to your weight. So, I guess I am an experiment and will let people know if it has helped with increasing my bone mass when I get another density test the summer of 2011.

Take care!