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Re: Spinecor adult scoliosis brace question


I have never heard of the spinecor. You've interested me about it and I will look that product up. I too have scoliosis similar to yours, although I don't know what the degrees of the bends are,but I do have them in the same places as you. I found out I had it by accident when I was 23. Never knew I had it till then. I sustained an injury and had an x-ray and there it was! I am now 54. I've suffered with back pain for over 20 years now. It has not been so sever that I cannot function, but I deal with daily aches and pains and cannot sit in an office type chair for too long. I do get back spasms in certain areas. When I do regular housework, such as vacuuming or mopping or cleaning and scrubbing bathrooms, I pay for it at the end of the day and have to break out my heating pad and take some ibuprofen. Yard work is a killer and I usually pay for that for about 1 week afterwards. I also suffer from neck problems and arm problems and hip problems, all related to the scoliosis. However, throughout the years I have seen chiropractors (different ones because of moving) and it has helped me...the adjustments I get. I also went to this place called Alternative Physical Therapy once and I felt like a healthy human being after I was done there. I went there 3 times a week, and I wish I could find something like that where I live now. That treatment involved deep tissue release along both sides of my spine followed by electrotherapy stimulation. That did wonders for me and I was so dissapointed when I was done. I was also seeing a chiropractor at the same time. Sadly, my husband and I sold our house and moved from that area and now it's too far away. I have tried these therapies because I refuse to fill my body with pain medications. But, lately I have been thinking about finding some type of back brace because I am getting older and my muscles are getting weaker and I am losing bone mass. I've seen bras that are supposed to help with back support, maybe I will try that too.

If you try this product I hope it works for you.

Good luck to you!