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Re: LGMD - fingers going limp and unable to grip

Hi yogaman.

To answer your question: Yes. Absolutely. I have LGMD. I am 49 and I'm still walking with difficulty. I use a walker and a scooter to get around. It sounds like my MD is just a little bit behind your case in progression.

Just recently I have begun to notice that my grip is weakening. I am having more trouble opening bottle tops, jars, sticky drawers, etc. I cannot snap my fingers anymore and could once snap them quite load. If my fingers get a bit chilled I have a very difficult time tying my shoelaces and doing buttons.

This is definitely part of the MD progression, I am afraid. Also I can now barely wiggle my toes. I can curl them downwards a bit but cannot point them upwards at all anymore.

Feel free to post here often. It's a great place to compare notes.