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Re: Tinnitus - now my head hurts when I speak


Yes, I've experienced this. I think it's a type of hyperacusis. Hyperacusis is when everyday sounds are heard as being too loud. I suffered from this for around 5 years until it gradually resolved. During this time, talking was very painful, as my voice reverberrated inside my head. Like you, I avoided talking where possible. Specialists couldn't help. I solved the problem myself as follows:

I decided that my brain had hard wired itself to thinking of sound as being a threat to my hearing. So I began to re-train my brain to think differently. I did this by gradually hardening my ears to the painful sounds - including my own voice - by bearing up to them. Instead of blocking out or avoiding the painful sounds, I faced up to them little by little. I did this very gradually over a very long period of time (several years). I avoided all loud sounds, as these wouldn't have helped in convincing my brain that they are harmless. I then faced up to all normal sounds that I knew couldn't damage my hearing. Washing dishes was painful, but now no longer bothers me at all. Hammering nails used to be piercing to my ears; no problem now. Talking was painful; but now I'm back to normal.

I would suggest to anyone experiencing your problem or hyperacusis in general to do as I did. I suggested this to a work colleague (he's a drummer in a band). He tried it and is also improving rapidly. It's all a matter of hard wiring the brain to think as it used to. Your brain is reacting to that music session. It was obviously too loud. Your brain is trying to protect you from further damage. But it is only a brain; it isn't intelligent. Your mind is intelligent, and your mind is telling you that something is wrong. Your brain is a machine; it doesn't know it is hurting you. You need to use your mind to get your brain to function in the way it used to.

Good luck with this, as I'm sure you will find healing.