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Re: Concerned about new Meds

missy? darvon IS propoxephene, just so ya know. the propox IS the actual generic name for darvon.

as far as trying to actually find a good replacement med for the level of low narcotoic that darvon had? i would see about at least trying tylenol #3s? they ARE pretty comparable in strength actually but the ty 3s probably a bit MORE powerful than mere darvon was. just something i would ask to your doc since you WERE actually on at least a level of real/synthetic type of narcotic. ty 3s would probably help you more than tramadol, not to mention that tram has a level of more impact upon the brain overall and can interact more with certain other meds that ty 3s just wont? but this would be at least much more 'comparable" to what you were on. did they also take away "darvocet" too or simply the 'darvon' only? just DO take the time to look up all Rxing info with the tramadol for sure.

i just cannot believe with the overall length of time this med has been out there that the FDA simple decided to pull it now? i am dealing with the same type of problem with what i have used for like 30 years now as an abortive migrane med called midrin? been on it since it practically hit the market in like 1981? and NOW, they have screwed THAT up for me. and my doc, who did do some searches on this for me since i now have to be forced onto some drug i have no idea will even help me like midrin just did, could NOT even find a really specific reason for this sick crap eiother. i am furious and very scared right now too, trust me.

but do tell your doc you were merely trying to find something that was lower on the pain killer scale(do not say narcotic) and found that it appeared the tylenol # 3s seemed pretty much like what darvon was ment to treat? just do look up ty 3s Rxing info before you see him again to speak with him if that tramadol is not doing the job so he will know that you DID take the time to try and come up with at least 'some' better altertnatives with less side effects than tramadol can simply have on a person. so look up all Rxing info on tram too. this is what i would do if in your current posistion. good luck and please do keep us posted, **
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