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Dizziness that really isn't and weakness that really isn't

This is the fourth day that I've been dealing with this sensation of weakness in arms and legs. They just feel weak, I can still do all the things I normally do with the same strength I normally do them with. My body just feels weird like my arms and legs might give out on me even though I can use them perfectly fine. I also have this sensation of not really dizziness or light-headedness just a feeling like swaying or being unsteady like I'm on a boat or something. I feel it all day long until I fall asleep. It doesn't get worse or better upon standing and I experience it when I'm sitting as well just not as bad. It does get worse when I close my eyes and sometimes I can feel my body swaying slightly when I do this. I have other symptoms that come and go, but these two remain constant. I had an episode like this earlier in the year and the doctor said it was probably an inner ear problem mixed in with a panic attack. This episode was much worse and lasted for an entire month. The only time I feel comfortable in my own body is when I'm laying down and I can't lay down all day every day forever. I don't want to go back to the doctor because he wasn't very helpful the last time and basically told me I was crazy. I was diagnosed with panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder a month or so after my first episode of this year. My concern is that this is so similar to the symptoms I had before and it's lasting a long time again and that it's something serious. I also know what my panic and anxiety disorder does to me. I'm very scared and was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and was it due to anxiety or something else.

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