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Lung nodule: should I wait for 1 year or have the CT sooner

Hi all,
I'm 37 yr old, non-smoker. I've had fatigue and some minor chest pain starting in Mib Feb of this year that lasted for months. After numerous medical tests (blood, treadmill, echo, EKG...), the family doctor and the cardiologist concluded that I'm healthy and the symptoms were caused by stress. I was not satisfied, so I had a full body CT (paid with my own money). The test found a lesion on my liver and a lung nodule on my right lower lobe.

I followed up the liver findings with ulstrasound and MRI, both of which concluded that the liver lesion was nothing more than a benign cyst.

So, the lung nodule is now my concern and anxiety. The pulmonologist and the family doctor said that i'm low risk and need not to worry about the lung nodule. However, since I showed my anxiety, they suggested me to a low dose CT in May 2011 to make sure that lung nodule is not cancerous.

Since a year wait is too long, I had the Early-CDT lung (Early Cancer detection test for lung) < edited > in June 2010. Good news: the result was negative. However, I found out that the EarlyCDT-lung is only 40% sensitive (out of 100 patients, it can only picks up 40).

Then, a month ago, my chest started to feel weird (kind of dull pain/heavy/congested...sometimes it's on the left, near the heart, sometimes it's one the right). Then 2 weeks ago, I started coughing...the coughing only happens during the day, and it's not too bad...maybe 1 or 2 in 1 hour...but reading Kimslos's post, this was the symptom her husband had....then i just noticed recently that I sweat alot while last night, it was 58 degree, i was sweating in the middle of the night...this was another symptoms described by one of the member i'm now worried

Should I have my repeat CT now, instead of waiting until next May? Can someone responds...confused, scared, worried...the anxiety pain is too much sometime...

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