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Re: Opinions about My dentist appointment (gum recession)

Sonic toothbrushes are supposed to work very well. Adding a water pik to your oral hygiene is also a good idea, but the most important part is brushing and flossing.

I think what you are seeing is not so much the "root" of your tooth, but the dentine. Dentine is a more yellow color than the rest of the tooth and has tubules in it which can transport painful stimuli to the nerve. When you use the toothpaste for sensitive teeth, it helps plug the tubules and settles the nerve down. It can work very well as long as you keep using it.

I don't think I'd worry too much about the tooth. Gum recession is normal when we hit our 30's as bone just starts to dissolve at that time, but in a normal fashion. It's part of the aging process (sorry!!). The gum sort of just follows the bone along but it takes YEARS before any problems and then only if you don't care for your teeth (hence the term "long in the tooth"). You'd be surprised at just how long the root of a tooth is. I don't think you have anything to worry about as to loosing the tooth.

As long as you see your dentist for general cleanings and brush twice a day and use floss the gum recession shouldn't get any worse. Keeping the tooth clean should also prevent it from getting any gumline cavities from dentin exposure. Dentin is softer than the enamel. The important part is how much bone is around that tooth. The gum needs bone under it to keep from recessing.

Surgery is the only way to completely correct it. It works good, but is definitely an "owie" procedure and unless the gum recession really bothers you cosmetically is probably not necessary.

Hope this helps.
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