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Re: Lung nodule: should I have for 1 year or have the CT sooner

Hey, I think you should get the scan done sooner rather than later. My mother was diagnosed a few weeks ago with lung cancer. She was in last year with a burning pain on her right side and tightness in her chest so the doctors assumed it was her heart and she had all the tests done and clear, including a chest x ray. But then this year shes in and has a 1.8cm mass on her right upper lobe. When she asked the doctor was it there last year and they said it wasnt.

Supposedly the type of cancer she has is a slow growing one but yet they are saying there was nothing there last year. She now has the cancer in the lymph nodes surrounding her trachea aswell as a 2.2cm tumor in her lung. If she was listened to last year and the CT scan i think we would be facing a more possitive outlook.

So please try not to leave anything to chance with this as cancer has a better prognosis if caught early.

Let me know how you get on with everything.