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Re: My mom placing blame on me.

I can see that you are being extremely careful in avoiding the same unpleasant situation with your mom, which keeps happening over and over. The fact that her behavior is making your head and chest hurt is not to be taken lightly

I don't know if you have done this before, but you need to have a serious chat with your mom. You must explain to her the stress she is causing you each time she does the yelling and screaming because of her indecision. If she continues, she may be having underlying issues and need professional help. Encourage her to have her doctor look into what may be causing her to be that way, and refer her to the right type of doctor who should be able to help.

If nothing mentioned here works out, last resort is to give whatever she sent you to get to her as soon as you return and then go to your room, close the door and put some music on, or leave the house immediately and go for a walk. You have to let her get the message somehow, that what she is doing is really affecting you.

I hope you will both get this situation resolved and have a more pleasant relationship. All the best!