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Unhappy weak erection & ejaculation !!!!

well, i'm 22 yrs old male. my problem started since childhood , before puberty !!!! i figured out the sexual excitement when i was 7 yrs old !!!!!!!!!!! when i rub my penis i find it enlarges n feel a great sensation at last but of course with no ejaculation. i continue doing this till puberty when i find a large amount of semen is ejaculated at the end of this act. my puberty was at age of 11 yrs. the duration before ejaculation was long , about 15-20 min after hard rubbing with soap !!! n the amount was too much & powerful ejaculation for long distance. i continue masturbating till now. but the duration , amount & power of ejaculation begin to detriorate since 6 yrs. now i feel my penis is so sensitive , i ejaculate after about 15-20 seconds only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with incomplete erection , little amount of semen with no forcible ejaculation, it's like dribbling !!!!!!!!

after puberty , i was masturbating once/2 weeks then once/week & now about 2-3 times/week.

also i had a swelling in my left testis since many years ago. but it's not in the testis' structure , it's something overlying it. when i feels it it looks like a loop of intestine, that is better felt when i strains or cough. i think it's inguinal hernia or femoral one. does this have any relation to my problem ?

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me !!!!!!!

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