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Re: Sjorgrens/Hypo?Lupus

Hey Alexa;
Sorry to hear you're feeling rotten. I'm not sure about the swollen glands; are you running any kind of temperature? Are you currently on thyroid replacement hormone, and if so how long have you been on it (and have you had a follow-up TSH level done?)
I remember when I was dx'd as hypothyroid...I thought I was dying. I was SO tired, and everything ached. Plus depression can be a symptom of (or be worsened by) having a thyroid that's out of whack.

I went about 4 years between the hyptothyroid dx and the lupus dx, but a total span of about 15 years between my first symptoms of lupus and a difinitive diagnosis of SLE. The Sjogren's has been a new development in the last 6 months.

Have you had an ANA run? That might be something you could request from your primary care dr. If that is positive, you would probably have a case to go to a rhuematologist. The painful glands would worry me. Get it checked out and be persistent. I came to a point where I didn't care whether or not the dr's thought I was a pest...I wanted answers. Educate yourself and be direct. Also I can't stress enough how important it is to keep track of your medical tests and records in a binder. It helps you keep a timeline of what's going on. It's especially helpful if you're seeing more than one specialist. I know that records nowadays are computerized mostly, but I still think it's nice to have copies of everything just for myself.

Don't know if I answered all of your questions. Do you feel better when you take advil or some other NSAID? Forgot to ask about that.

Take care and hit be back if you want to talk more!

Michelle in CA