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Re: Sjorgrens/Hypo?Lupus

Thanks for the response. I am very active in my health and knowledge with my thyroid autoimmune disease. I get copies of all of my labs and I have learned how to interpret them. My last TSH was 1.9 and I take Amrour. There has always been talk that I may have something else going on but nothing has ever come back to show it. I literally has at least 50 tubes of blood taken from me this year. Sed rate. and ANA, etc. have all been normal. I don't like to take drugs so I don't take any Advil or Tylenol or anything of that sort. I would rather deal with it than take a pill to be honest, that's just me. I keep track of how I feel and I type it up for the doctors when I go in. My only guess is that if something else is going on, it hasn't been a long time in the big scheme of things and it may take some time to show up on labs? I know everything doesn't always come back positve even if you have something, but I was pondering whether or not I should approch my regular doctor about this or not at this time. I am getting tired of having my blood drawn and going to appt's just to be told everything's perfectly fine. I am only 28 years old and I feel like junk, so I KNOW that is not normal.