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Post Re: My dad was diagnosed in Oct with stage 4 lung cancer.

Okay, I am not sure if this will help & I do have lots of questions, too. Ex-husband, Stage IV Lung Cancer--small cell. Found three tumors in his brain, from the tumor in his lungs. Removed one tumor--from his brain stem, other top of brain, removed within 5 days of each other. Finished 10 days of radiation. Dr. wants to start chemo, next wk. He was on steriods, as soon as they did the scan & found the brain tumors. All this happened, end of August, so I realize that the clock is ticking. Had spinal cord fluid leak from his incision, had to return to hospital. Checking blood sugar three times aday, with being on the steriods. Leak repaired itself, without having to insert a shunt. (Thank the Lord) Finished steriods, gradually. But he is so very swollen, from the chest down. Now his ankles, feet & lower legs are sooooo swollen, that he can not walk. And very red. Had scan down, blood clot in his right leg. So now got blood thinners for him. Third day, no change. Feet way swollen. And I do not believe that he is uriating--peeing--hardly at all now. So, does that mean that his organs are shutting down & he is retaining all of that toxin fluid?? He has stopped eating & bathing. He is cold now, all the time--I am sure this is because of the poor circulartion in his legs & probably his whole body. Is this the last stage of the lung cancer? Should we prepare for the worst? Dr. said that with radiation & chemo, he could live 10 months. Without the treatment, he would live 3-4 months. We have done the radiation but from what I have researched, I do not believe the chemo will help him. It will just make him sick. He has really no pain with the lung cancer, tho he has smoked all of his life & is still smoking, which I know is irratating the tumor in his lungs. He says that he can no longer cough up anything. He has a cough, but it is not to bad yet. Will this cough get worse?? Drs. just jump around all of the questions that I ask. I hope that this can help in some small way & I sure would like to chat with anyone that knows anymore about this terrible, terrible cancer.

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