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Could it be?

I am known to have an auto immune disorder, but Rheumy hasn't figured out exactly which one yet. In the last year or so, i started with stomach issues as well. I get terrible, and i mean terrible labor like pains. When i get those i normally have to use the bathroom. I seem to be constipated for a few days or not have a BM, but do not get the stomach pains until it's time to go. I usually have a harder BM, then it's followed by diarrhea. Then it follows with days of diarrhea. Normally i can't eat without having to go very shortly after. sometimes i'm not even done eating and i have to go. And it's normally explosive diarrhea. The other day after eating at a restaraunt, my husband had to pull over so i could go into a store and go. I knew i wouldn't make it home. Sometimes, not always, i even get nauseated and feel like throwing up although i never actually have. It's normally always worse around my period. Right now i'm in the constipated part. Have had some of the pains today with harder BM's but i know the diarrhea will follow in the next day or two. Does this sound like UC or Chrohns?? Oh, i also get mucous in my stools. Thanks for any input. I plan on talking with my doc about it next time i go.

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