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Re: Could it be?

Thanks for your reply. I am not a smoker, nor have i ever been. And my current meds include Methotrexate, folic acid, Humira, vitamin D and hydrocodone as needed. My Dr. has seemed to write it off to meds, but i had some issues before i even started meds. Now i do know some of these meds are used to treat IBD. I thought it was getting better after i started Humira, but now i'm not sure if any of these meds are helping any of my symptoms anymore. I do know i have inflammation in about every other part of my body, so why not here right? lol I hope not, but i need to find what the problem is because it sucks!

I just recently started a food journal to see if anything is making it worse. I do not drink alcohol, do not drink coffee. I drink some soda but not excessive amounts. I normally drink more water than anything. I do love spicy food and i know that's a no no with IBD.