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Re: how are vaccines bad for you?

Originally Posted by tjlhb View Post
Natural infection with hepatitis B can lead to permanent infection and liver problems, including liver cancer.

Natural infection with polio can lead to paralysis.

Natural infection with influenza or pertussis can lead to serious respiratory problems including death, particularly in those more vulnerable due to age. (Do you really want to pick up a relatively mild for you case of influenza or pertussis, then pass it along to your vulnerable elderly or infant relatives?)

Natural infection with rubella in pregnant women can lead to birth defects.
Natural infections may or may not cause what you just listed... same goes for vaccines... depending on how well you treat your body and how your immune system/genes come to play.

Personally, I never got the Hep B, MMR, or flu vaccines. I trust my immune system. I guess you got to pick your poison... vaccines aren't a guarantee to immunity.