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Re: I've developed panic/anxiety/obsession over my BP!

Hi! I just made a similar post and I just wanted to say that I'm COMPLETELY in agreement with you about this having consumed me and I feel like I have a death sentence waiting for me entirely. I, too, am young and have just started to experience high blood pressure and the big numbers are all I remember. If I hit a low number I figure an hour later it'll be high again so no point in getting excited over it.

Just as a word of encouragement, looking at your low numbers with your low pulses I think you're doing pretty well. I'm not a doctor so of course I can't say anything, but your high numbers might be entirely related to your stress over it.

One day I ended myself up in the emergency room because I kept consistently checking my blood pressure at one point getting to 161/111 and I figured I was actually dying. I figured if my blood pressure is that high I'm going to die today.

I can't tell you to step away from the blood pressure machine because I can't seem to tell myself to do the same thing. I haven't even bought a blood pressure machine for my house for that reason because I'm actually convinced I'd do nothing but check it and obsess over it consistently if I had one. I check it twice a week and spend the other 5 days preparing myself for those two. I don't rely on the digital blood pressure machines either, I hate them. (except the fancy store ones) I'd rather have it checked by my nurse. My digital blood pressure cuff gave me the high reading of 161/111.

I'm sorry I'm not full of advice but I just want to give you some encouragement that I'd kill for some of your blood pressure numbers.