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Re: I've developed panic/anxiety/obsession over my BP!

Hey you two,
There are a bunch of us on this board with the same issues. My story is similar, got a high reading at the doctor and then bought a monitor and began obsessively checking it. Anxiety is a powerful thing and you can spike your number way up by stressing over the number. I had to get rid of my machine and have my doctor call my therapist to advice me to stop checking my bp. I have gotten it down to checking every three weeks or so and that is from several times a day several days a week. Like you jakep if i wasn't taking my bp I was planning the day, time, what to eat, what to drink, where to go...on and on. The key for me was to stop checking so much and to lower my standards. Once I stopped checking my numbers gradually came down and now my average is 107/74.

Get rid of the machine and let your doctor worry about it. If that isn't possible and I understand it is hard believe me I had to break my own habit then atleast set a schedule and don't break it. That is what I did at first and then even that was too much checking. When I first stopped checking the anxiety was awful but it gets easier over time.

What does your doctor say about your bp?