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Re: how are vaccines bad for you?

Originally Posted by tjlhb View Post
The risk of serious problems from natural infections of those viruses or bacteria is orders of magnitude greater than the risk of serious problems from the vaccines against those viruses or bacteria.

Where did you get this information?

Not a guarantee, but they move the odds more in your favor. Especially when so many people are refusing vaccines and becoming disease vectors giving dangerous viruses and bacteria to others (the reason why there have been measles outbreaks recently in the US, and pertussis cases have reached the highest level in California in decades).
Disease vectors? The environment we live in is already a disease vector... newborns are exposed to it from day one. Highly immunized children are as guilty as non immunized children in terms of contracted or possible even shedding the virus. If vaccines are the holy grail of all viruses/diseases... why did nature even bother giving us an immune system for in the first place?