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Forced flu shot without consent

I took my 15yr old son to see the doctor last month for a sports physical. While we were there he asked me if I wanted my son to recieve a flu shot. I don't agree with the flu shot hype and strongly disagree with what is included in the vacine. I don't want that in my son's body. I told the doctor "No, we were not interested and we will pass on that". He tried to talk me into it and I politely said "No thanks" again. He proceeded to tell me that my son needed a hepetisis booster shot and I agreed to that and it was given to him. I just got the paper work from the insurance company today stating what the doctor billed for and it clearly states that he gave my son the flu shot anyway!! My wife works for a major medical company in the Pittsburgh area here and looked over the bill and is livid. She says it looks like he "piggy backed" the flu shot with the hepetisis booster and blatanly went against my wishes. I called the doctors office this afternoon but he was closed until Monday. Does anyone have any advice? My first thoughts are to seek legal advice. Did I have to sign a disclaimer stating that I refused the flu shot for my son? Does anyone know if any signing of paper work is involved when agree/disasgree for flu shot? Any thoughts?

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