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Re: Just diagnosed with Cancer and I'm really scared.

I had endometrial cancer also at the age of 36. I had everything taken out along with several lymph nodes. All nodes were negative and therefore did not have to go through chemo. Thank God! I am almost 3 yrs. past the surgery and doing well. I would say be aware of the major emotional and physical changes due to surgical menopause that you will experience. I really was not. It will be tough to deal with but stay strong. I don't know if you have children or not, but that was really tough for me because I do not. I was also grieving for the loss of the children I never had. Make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your doctor. You will be okay! My doctor told me that if you could pick the cancer to have that endometrial would be the one to pick because it is usually 100% curable with a hysterectomy if cause early enough. Hang in there, you will be alright!