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Beginning to think I may have OCD

I know you probably get loads of these "I think I have OCD" posts but bah, I would like to have another opinion.

I've always classed it as just being fussy, but I researched OCD and evidently... that may not be the case.

I do not like germs... who does? But when I have to fill the dishwasher, for example, and something drips on my hand, I'm almost in tears before washing my hands. I have to wash things myself even if I've just seen them coming out of the dishwasher as well.

I cannot touch public doors, anywhere, I'll open them with my elbow and remember for the rest of the day exactly where I touched that door. I can't touch tables in public places without feeling uncomfortable and remembering exactly where I touched the table until I get to a sink to wash my hands in. I also wash my hands an awful lot, and in Winter that gets a bit annoying as my skin gets very dry.

If I find a spot or a mark on my arm/leg/face/anywhere really, I will pick at it to get rid of it, but usually it just bleeds and gets worse, and therefore the obsession with getting rid of it gets worse.

I repeat things to get it to feel "just right." If I turn around to face someone, it might not feel right, so I turn around again or something, and I blink an awful lot until it feels "right."

If I get something wrong I panic if I can't start again.

I can't let foods touch on the plate, or if they do, I separate them before eating them. Sweetcorn must not be eaten with anything, nor must peas, rice, ANYTHING. Also, I can't get over the fact foods with weird textures mustn't be eaten.

I have to create the same pressure on one side of my body as the other, for example, if someone high fives my left hand, I have to create a similar sensation on my right hand (either by tapping a wall, or scratching the palm of my hands.)

I like counting things for no reason, or noticing patterns in ridiculous things.

I tend to chew/bite the skin next to my nails (I know there is a term for this... Dermato-something)

When I put them into writing, it seems rather a lot. Are these relatively normal things for a human being? I always thought they were until recently ><

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