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Re: does burning the nerves help soft tissue pain

I'm noticing a lot of popping in my neck and upper back 4 days after Rfa nerve burning. The nerves are trying to send pain messages to each other with no luck causing me slight discomfort. This is normal as I was told by the PA this would happen. This procedure for the most part takes 2 weeks for results with increased pain during that time frame. I had a fusion and laminectomy done at L3, L4, L5 levels with a failed fusion at L4 & L5. The Dr told me I'm not a good candidate for Rfa treatment. I might try the electric sttimulator where they place this thin transmitter under your skin with wiring near your spine at these levels. The wiring diminishes the pain and coverts it to a tingling/vibrating sensation. You can also have this procedure done on your neck. Does anyone know if it works? Walk, stretch and slight exercise helps with my pain. I have to stay committed to it if I want relief. Happy Holidays to all of you. Bill