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Re: Crmo

Originally Posted by MamaM View Post
Hang in there! You and your daughter are in my thoughts, and I hope the new drug works for her. I am so sorry for her pain!
Thank you! Stanford said that they have a good record with Humira, they have had children go into remission on it. I can't wait til this condition burns itself out already! And they have not had any negative outcomes with the children on this shot.

Prednisone seemed to help the most, but the doctor said the side effects of that medicine long term are possibly worse thn Humira, so that convinced our family to go ahead and attempt this.... in 6-8 weeks we will know if we will continue..

if the response to the Humira is not good then she will be administered pamidronate- but the doctors want to hold off on that one because her condition is in her mandible, and this medicine can cause bone tissue to die...