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Should I go back to the nurse or just "walk it off"?

Hello Everyone!
I'm new here but pretty frustrated with my health status, so I thought I would try to get some advice.

The story:

A week and a half ago I suddenly, randomly had my gums start bleeding. Sure, they've bled before, when I was on a weird med or brushed too hard, but this was just...bleeding into my mouth, any time I would touch them with my tongue. Other than that, and a weird taste in my mouth, I felt fine, but I was scared about my dental health so I added rinsing with mouthwash to my normal brushing and flossing 2x/day. A few days later I started getting a "scratchy throat." Now of course I am in grad school and it is finals crunch time, but I still tried to take herbal immune boosters and get good rest. Within a day though, it ballooned into the "can't swallow because my throat hurts so bad" kind of sore throat. I tried to tough it out for another day, but it seemed to be getting worse. At this point I felt feverish but I did not take my temp, gargled with salt water and made an appt with the school nurse. So on Wednesday I went to see the school nurse. That was the day my neck started to hurt - especially bad on the right side, about 4" behind my ear. She felt around my neck, listened to my lungs, and took my temp (normal), then did a quick strep test. Negative. She also swabbed and sent out an overnight test to check for strep B, C, and yeast. Anyway, about that afternoon I started having green mucus whenever I blew my nose. Sometimes it was quite a bit of volume. On Thursday, however, I was feeling a bit better overall so I exercised for 20min. Apparently that was a mistake, on Friday I could barely walk up the steps to school. I felt shaky, weak, and feverish. Checked my temp - no fever. The weekend was similar, except that the green mucus switched to just mornings, or after anytime I haven't blown my nose for a while.

Fast forward to today - overnight test finally came back from the nurse. Negative. However, I am still having green mucus, my head aches (a little), and my neck pain is about 4-5/10 if I don't take any ibuprofen. Although my gums have stopped bleeding, I've developed a dry cough, and my nose won't stop running. Still no temp. The nurses office told me I could make another appointment when I stopped in to get my results, but if it's not a bacterial problem, there's probably nothing they can do, right?

Anyway, the point of this whole sob story is that I'm in the middle of 2 weeks of finals where I do a lot of physical activity and spend long hours at school. It is NOT helping my studying that everytime I walk for 5 minutes, I feel like I need to lay down and take a nap. Similarly, having my neck throb continually is really bothering me - especially since tylenol is not helping and I can't take too much ibuprofen or I get sick to my stomach.

Is there any point in going back to the nurse? Should I be worried, or just wait this thing out? Thanks in advance for all your help...the reason I thought of posting here is because I did have mono about 8 years ago, and this feels a lot like mono - is it possible to have mono twice?

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