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Re: Should I go back to the nurse or just "walk it off"?

Hi I suppose a doctor might help a bit better with diagnosis. I have read that once the mono germ is in there it stays. However that does not necesarily mean that is causing present symptoms. There may be a bacterial infection that the culture did not pick up. In one persons case the first culture did not test for specific organisms. Certain cultures don't seem to be as good as others. A C&S probably does a good job if the lab does it right. Some infections of the mastoid area might not be easy to culture. An infection can be detected by a high white blood cell count but this may not detect where. Sometimes a lumbar puncture is done on some people for the mastoid area but if it were me I would not be doing that one since an old nurse told me her story. She said she blames her spinal stenosis on the lumbar puncture. Are there lemons, grapefruits, oranges or kumquats available to assist the body in fighting infection? I would be sure to do some health measures.

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