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Final X-Ray -- cast on or off?

Is there a standard practice for the 6-week (and hopefully final) x-ray before I am cast free? When I called to make an appt. the nurse asked if I was having the x-ray before or after the cast was removed. I've never had a broken bone, so told her I had no idea. I'd assumed it would be before the cast was removed... but I know they get a better picture with the cast off.

What's everyone else's experience been? (As you can gather, I have a fiberglass cast, not the boot).

Also, should I expect to be able to put my foot in a shoe of some sort once the cast is taken off? Just want to know what to bring with me and the nurses don't always know.

A bit concerned as well as my doctor is fully booked up and I have to have another doctor in the practice take the cast off etc. unless I want to wait to the 7 week mark to see my own doctor (NOT!).

Do you have suggestions about what I should ask re: after the cast is removed? I am going to ask about weight bearing and whether to expect swelling, etc. but what are some other good questions to ask my doctor?

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