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Re: Chronic fatigue and sex

Originally Posted by sugarandspice View Post
Many people with CFS have adrenal dysfunction, with low levels of testosterone and DHEA. Look up an article titled "male menopause & chronic fatigue syndrome" by John W. Addington, and you should find the information you're looking for. In my opinion, DHEA supplements would probably help your situation. Good luck!
Well adrenal dysfunction is for sure with CFIDS, but not necessarily the cause of course...I have had CFS for 5yrs and it the early part came at 30 and then I was 33 by the time the checked my hormones...way out of whack...I still have low DHEA and been supplementing for a year now! It has gone up some though. Testosterone also way low...gone up some too since I been doing some natural stuff, but the shots were not for me. My libido was not suffering badly until 3.5 to 4 yrs into my it is lower but not near as low as it was this time last year.