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Re: Chronic Sinusitis - already had 3 sinus surgeries

Sinus infections start in your nose. If your nose is clean you will have less problems. It is like brushing your teeth or washing your hands, you do not need a drug or a doctor. Neti Pots have a good track record but are a bit aggressive. Xlear nasal wash optimizes nasal cleaning as well as being simpler and safer. It can be used frequently when you have an infection or used less frequently but regularly to prevent one. You would never think of not brushing your teeth until you have a cavity and the same applies to you nasal passages. Xlear is affordable and effective. Keep your nose clean. I started with the surgeries at age 5 and had problems until I discovered Xlear in 1999 in Texas at the age of 58. Have not had to have any antibiotics since then. If I do start to have a problem it occurs when I get so confident that I forget to use the Xlear. I find it works best for me when I put it beside my bed and use in morning and night or with my toothbrush and use it when I brush. However, I also keep a bottle in my purse, and on my desk. It is invaluable when I travel on airplanes and stay in motels.

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