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Re: scar tissue

Hey again, went for the nerve conduction test today, last one was in january 10, he was shocked and said to make another app with surgeon asap, as the nerves in my left leg were actually getting worse and not responding to electric shocks etc (he is now on my xmas list as ive seen him 3 times and will again in the future), so im guessing here.... that the scar tissue is pressing on my nerve and I will now have to have surgery again (surely that could not leave it)??? anyway have an app on the 22nd dec again with surgeon, so i will update...i guess the best thing to come out of this is its not in my head, as the pain was getting worse, and now i do actually know im not going around the twist.....thank you Jverive and everyone else, for you support, also i get more info from you than any doctor I go to !! helps a lot to know im not the only one....take care jan