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Seriously need a answer asap.

Ok, So, im one of those ppl that absolutly hate the flu!! and HATE PUKING!.. So every year I take as many precautions as i possibly can to reassure myself that i wont become ill. Well, I didnt know it but my cousin had the flu two days ago, and yesterday. And well, She didnt tell anyone when she came to my gparents house for a christmas dinner. So when we had our prayer we all held hands, and i just happened to be holding her hand.. right after I ran and grabbed some pizza and chowed down. While eating i realized she wasnt touching any food, and was repeatidly running to the restroom while holding her stomach. I asked what the problem was and she started telling me about her flu... so my question is, am I going to get the flu? Everyday I take vitamins and wash my hands.. except for this one time. Please be honest with me, i need to know. Ive had a headache, and my stomach has been achy. but I also have a very nervous stomach along with IBS... so a stomach ache is common in my everyday routine. like i said please answer asap.. im worrying myself sick over this!!!

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