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Re: Need Advice and Reassurance (Prostatitis?)

Hi There,,

I definately know what you are going through, I have had Chronic Prostatitis (or whatever you want to call it) for the past year now. Just found this website today and there seems to be a lot of good stuff and exchange of information.

My case started out with a diagnosis of uretheritis, which was never really dealt with correct, then turned into prostatitis.

I have been through the usual course of antibiotics: Cipro/Septra. Which do aliviate some of the symptoms, but return after the course has been complete. I have found a lot of releif in excersizing the muscles down there and just relaxing myself (you tend to get really stressed while experiencing this condition).

I also take 3 doses of Prosta-Q a day (which can be ordered from Farr labs) and 2 doses of BP-Qmax (from the same company). These 2 products have reduced my pain symtoms to nearly 0, and have managed the frequency symptoms to about 50%.

Also, and this is probably the MOST important thing, AVOID alcohol. In the beginning I through I could get away with drinking Beer on the weekends, but this would just flare it up terribly.

Hang in there man, I know how hard it is. I'm only 25, and to think that we have to deal with this at such a young age is terrible. There is hope through, I am very determined to completely curemyself (I would say I'm about 50% there). I DO NOT beleive doctors when they tell me that it is incurable (this "condition" I beleive is at least 50% mental).


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