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Re: New (Ex Husband recently diagnosed)

Well, I accompanied my ex to his appt yesterday. Some not-the-greatest news and some pretty encouraging news. I learned that in addition to his CD4 count being 30, his viral load count is 5 million. I know that even in untreated, uncontrolled patients, it can be as high as 1 million, so 5 scared the **** out of me. HOWEVER, we met with his dr. for almost 2 full hours and she is absolutely on her game and already has incredible rapport with her and I am very impressed with the level of care he is getting. His doctor is extremely optimistic, so that in and of itself makes me feel a ton better.

In addition, this was the first I had seen my ex in a week and he looked, felt and sounded 100x better than even the week before. Obviously, he is responding well to his new HIV medication regimen. YEAH!!

Have a great weekend everyone - go hug someone you love!