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Re: Melatonin causes restless leg

I have mad RLS. It was bad when I was a kid, went away in my later teen and early adult years and came back with a vengeance in the last 4 years. Prior to it returning, I was using melatonin regularly for a good year without any trouble with RLS but since going on Effexor and withdrawing from a bad drug habit, my RLS came back. It was then that I noticed the Melatonin was aggravating my symptoms especially in the early morning hours. After doing some research, I found that like Melatonin, RLS has it's own circadian rhythm but they compete against each other...Melatonin wants you asleep at night but RLS wants to keep you awake. Such a bummer too b/c melatonin was the other thing that helped me fall asleep at night.