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Exclamation Re: Very Painful Cramps in the Neck, Throat and Tongue

This is the first time i have found anything online that relates to this issue.

The pain is excruciating when it gets a hold of you, the first time i experienced it, i was asleep and i awoke to the pain, as i sat up i felt "POP" on the right hand side of my neck, i thought nothing more of it and went back to sleep, the same thing happened a month or two later, the pain started randomly (if anything, i sneezed) and it gradually got worse after 20 minutes, i was sent to the hospital, i couldn't speak loud enough to be heard by the receptionist, i could not swallow or move without this pain almost bringing me to tears.
I sat there waiting for an HOUR to be seen and i just squeeze my neck as if i were strangling myself and "POP" the instant relief was amazing, i felt so much better.
From that experience i have spent so much time trying to find other cases.

I have had the same problem occur now, maybe 8 - 10 times, i have finally found a way to relive this and encourage this "POP" sensation.

Around the 5th episode i was lay on my bed with my feet hanging over the side of the bed, just trying to rest, i did a "Sit-up" motion with my legs lifted, hands by my side, and "POP".

Each time this has happened i have found a place to lay down where my legs were lower than my hips and did the same sit-up movement and it does relive the pain and "POP" takes place.

I hope this helps for anyone else experiencing this pain.


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