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Re: Who here has nasal polyps with terrible sinus issues?

Originally Posted by bradyamaral View Post
I just had surgery for nasal polyps it was giving me blurry vision and dizzy/ lightheaded feeling.. I had surgery two weeks ago so I was wondering if you had similar symptoms and how long till they went away..mine have lessened slightly but are not gone answer me please..?
Mine was fine post op. for 12 years but grew back again. My left nose got polyps that I could see in the mirror 100% blocked and my right nose was 50% blocked.
I don't have med insurance so went on Beclate Nasal Spray. I think you guys call it Nasonex in USA.
Now I cannot see the left nose polyp but still 100% blocked and my right nose is about 10% blocked.
I can live with this.